Hoylake Beach – Wirral

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Wind Sea Turbines - Hoylake Beach
Wind Sea Turbines – Hoylake Beach

Just down the road from West Kirby Marine Lake you will stumble upon the coastal location of Hoylake. Again, this is near to where I live, so I have spent plenty of time walking (and running!) the beach at Hoylake.

Although similar to West Kirby, Hoylake is a smaller and less ‘coastal’ venue, however it does offer the visitor miles of promenade to walk and large clean beaches to wander.

Directions can be found here

The sea mostly stays away, but can be reached with a walk across the sands. Hoylake beach is a quiet spot, it draws in dog walkers because of the open spaces on offer and you can often find nature spotters on the promenade with their cameras.

Although Hoylake beach is often a more peaceful location than West Kirby, The Royal liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake has been home to the Open Golf Championships a number of times. When that hits town, the place really does come alive with visitors and activities.

Wide open spaces at Hoylake Beach

Hoylake Beach - Wirral
Hoylake Beach – Wirral

Because of the vast open sands Hoylake Beach offers, it attracts KITE Buggy racers from across the country who compete in national competitions. These are great to view and hopefully I can catch an event soon and snap some photos. There is a Land Yachting and KITE Buggying club located on the Hoylake Beach front who also hold events. Get the details at the club website

On the horizon you can see the numerous groups of wind sea turbines placed in the water.

People have mixed feelings on how they impact the view, but for me they don’t spoil the vista at all. In many ways they offer up a great backdrop against the sands and water.

If you love peaceful open beach spaces, head down to Hoylake Beach. The town also offers up great places to eat and drink 🙂


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