Beach Campsites in North Wales

Beach Campsites in North Wales

I’ve decided to open up a beach campsite section on the website, camping near a beach is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and also be within walking distance of the shoreline. Initially I will be focusing on the North Wales area, as it’s the closet region to me.

I will hopefully build up other areas of the UK as and when I get time, but for now I will search for the best locations available and get them listed on the Salty Sands website.

Each campsite will have its own dedicated page which will include details about location and prices. I will also add directions and a few images, just so you can get a feel for the place. Additionally I will also add the website link (if they have one) so you can get further details.

Although I’m sure there isn’t stacks of campsites actually located on the beach, if it is within walking distance that counts as a beach campsite!

Suggest a beach campsite location

If you know of a campsite that is located near a beach in North Wales please drop me a line. Send over a website link and any information you think would be helpful for inclusion on a listing. Any details with experience of staying on that particular campsite would also be helpful.

I am looking to have the comments section open on each of the campsite pages so people can leave a few comments, which should be helpful for anybody searching for a location.