About Salty Sands ~

finding the best beach locations in the UK

My obsession with all things seaside came at an early age. Luckily as a child growing up in Liverpool, my family had a static caravan based in Tywyn, Wales. Minutes away from the coastline which stretched Northwards to Barmouth, and South down to Aberystwyth and beyond.

We spent long Summer holidays, and out of season holidays at the location, which meant lots of time at the beach. The hours walking the coastline and watching the tide ebb and flow, hooked me and still it’s the only place I find total relaxation away from the stresses of work and life!

I’m currently based on Wirral peninsula, which itself offers up some great seaside spots and beach views (which I will cover) and is a gateway to some wonderful coastlines across Wales.

Salty Sands is a documentation and guide to places I will visit, including photos (i’m an amateur, be kind!) and details on the seaside locations. This will hopefully be useful for anyone planning to visit the locations or people who are just beach geeks like myself. You can find my most recent posts on the blog and also at the beaches and seaside locations sections.

Using my photos

I’m happy for people to use my photos, but I do require the following text underneath the photo, wherever it’s placed: Image Credit: Salty Sands | www.saltysands.co.uk

I do have a way of tracking my images, so please, if you do use any, please add the credit text.

Sea Sounds and White Noise

Another website that may be of interest is The Sea Cast. The website has been created for people who enjoy relaxing and focusing with sea sounds and white noise, check it out here > relaxing sea sounds and white noise  

Suggest a beach or seaside location

I would love to hear of any seaside towns or great coastal spots to photograph and write about, drop me a message. At the moment, my coverage would be: North – Mid Wales, including Anglesey. Once the website is up and running, I will be also adding good places to stay around the locations I visit, focusing on affordable accommodation such as camping and B&B’s

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will see the links around the website. I will be uploading extra photos to my Instagram account of the seaside locations I visit, as well as on the Salty Sands website.